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Comments sent to us from our Customers:

“Tom.  Thank you for your prompt response and thoughtful suggestions.  I certainly did not expect such thorough service. The doctors’ staff included a photocopy of your order form in my Medical packet on hip replacement.  This card will be very helpful as I am an airline pilot and I must go through metal detectors several times a week.  I'm sure the hassle will be minimized due to this card.” Sincerely, Mark

Tom: “I just wanted to thank you for sending my card promptly. I recently have made trips out of the country and the security is very, very tight.  Having the card to present (once I set off the alarms) made the time very minimum in scanning for my unit.
I believe that ALL implant patients need this service especially if the travel through airports.
Also, my ortho doctor was impressed as well with the statement on the bottom of the card for emergency purposes. Great service, great company”.    Dianne

“Gentlemen, I received my joint ID cards and was quite pleased with them. They are printed nicely with the information that I provided and the prosthesis photo along with the x-ray photo shows my hidden condition. I would recommend your ID cards to anyone who has had prosthetic surgery to their hips or knees.”  Sincerely, Steven

Tom," I learned about your site through the Orthopaedic Surgeons website - yours was provided as a link. Yes, I did receive a card from my surgeon, but it has no x-ray on it. As an x-ray technologist myself, I really wanted a card with an x-ray of a prosthesis on it. I met a gentleman at the medical store who had a card with an actual x-ray of his prosthesis. He had his surgery done through the same group of surgeons, but his was done 3 years ago when a prosthesis company was providing a special promotion. Thank you for providing this service. I will also be pleased to pass your website on to my Surgeon's office so that other patient's can access the information.  Again - thanks.”  Kathleen

Dear Tom, “I was surfing the web, trying to find a site for a total knee replacement support group.  I read many pages and one of the messages was:  Knee Replacement -  JOINT- ID CARDS:


“This is for all of the TKR people who fly and have trouble getting through metal detectors in airports or wherever. There is a site that for $18.00 you can get a laminated card with a picture of prosthesis and it shows your OS' name and date of surgery. You can carry this with you at all times. I found it helps a lot in lieu of continuous explaining. The site name is

My doctor provided me with a generic card, the nurse wrote my name on it and said to show it at airports, security checks etc. I ordered your ID Card because I need one for traveling and to visit government buildings where I have to pass thru metal detectors. Your card shows a generic x-ray of what I have, and being laminated, it is durable. 

 Hi Tom, I heard about your web site from my surgeon's P.A.  They did not provide me with a card, but recommended your site.  I first learned of the card "system" after my first trip through security at an airport.  We vacationed with relatives in AZ, and a sister-in-law had a card issued by her orthopedist, saying that it simplified the security process for her.  So, here I am, awaiting the card and invoice and pleased that I've had no problems thus far with the order.  

Tom; Thank you so much,! My husbands MD would not give us an ID card since he says we can get them over the internet. I was upset over this fact since the surgery did cost almost $35,000 and I could not even get him to give us a card with his info. I found your web sight on the search engine when I looked under “knee replacement cards” and it was the first one that popped up, and very informative. I ordered the card since we do travel a lot and feel it necessary to have this on hand when going through the metal detectors at the airports. Thank you for everything. 

 Dear Tom,
When Norm brought up the mail this afternoon and saw your envelope, before he opened it he said,  "Your Card is here! We should have gotten two, as I advised.  "Then, "Lo &Behold!" he opened it, and there were two! Thank you, for your prompt response and your generosity, and thank you for the special effort  you went through to get an X-Ray of a Partial Hip Replacement and making two cards for me specifying exactly what I had. I never expected "custom-made" cards.  Most appreciatively, EDITH

Thank you so much for my order. I will spread the word and when I go to visit my nurses at the  hospital I will tell them about you and show them my cards. Thank you again, this is wonderful!  GOD BLESS 

"Thank you for your emails. I found your website quite accidentally. I'm no wiz on the computer and while looking for information on hip surgery your web-site came up. I thought "What a great idea"!! I had no problem filling out the form. It was quite clear, even for a novice like me. I have used "Paypal" on eBay and find their service outstanding. Both my husband and I were astounded at how good you were to give me such comprehensive feedback. That you took so much time and effort to reply was indeed very heartwarming. Thank you so very much!"I have also printed out your reply to give to my daughter. She assured me that kind people like yourself still exist in this world.

 Everything was easy to use; nothing to it! My doctor did not tell me about these 
cards.I will tell him about your service and show him mine. Thanks Louise 
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