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Personalized Medical Alert ID Cards Identifying Your Hip, Knee or Other  Implant surgery


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We are your online home for personalized patient ID cards that identify your hip, knee or other Orthopaedic Implant surgery. 

Our primary focus is Adult Orthopaedics, Hip and Knee replacements; total, partial and bilateral. We also care for Shoulder, Foot, Spine, Defibrillator and Pacemaker Implants and will make custom cards for almost any implant.

Our Mission

To be the premier provider of patient Medical Implant Alert ID cards

Have you lost, worn out, never received, or simply want the best personalized Implant ID card to describe your Hip, Knee or other joint implant surgery?  We are here to help. 

Benefits of My Joint ID Card

  • Describes your orthopedic surgery to others and provides visual evidence of your joint replacement.  The front side of the card summarizes your personal and surgical information.  The back side of the card includes an x-ray replica of a hip, knee or other implant with an illustration of joint or sample prosthesis.  Please see the sample to the left.
  • Patients report an enhanced level of personal comfort and peace of mind thanks to a personalized Implant Alert ID card. 
  • The card demonstrates a need for handicap services, like motorized transportation at airports, or a handicap flag at the golf course.
  • Increases the ease of passing through airport metal detectors and security.  While traveling, carry your Implant Alert Id Card to assist in passing more conveniently through airport and other metal screening devices.  Your Implant Alert ID Card advised security personnel that you have a metal implant which may set off an alarm. The card also visualizes and explains your orthopaedic implant.
  • A Reminder To Use Antibiotics. The laminated ID Card is an important reminder that prophylactic antibiotics are typically required prior to dental or medical procedures. Many Doctors also recommend promptly treating any bacterial infection with antibiotics.
  • Identifies your surgeon Your Medical Alert ID Card identifies your Doctor and the Practice that performed your surgery.  This is important information which also serves as a referral to others seeking your advice on similar Orthopaedic Surgery.    

         My Joint ID Card is ready to help you!

     MY JOINT ID CARD is a great way to visualize and explain your joint replacement surgery.
   The "Surgery ID Card"  is a 
laminated wallet-sized card, about 2 wide X 3 long. Your
    personalized data are organized and transferred to our publishing  program which converts and
    prints it to a standard business card size. Your information as well as a replica x-ray photo of your
    implant type is totally laminated. The result is a long-lasting, individual patient ID Card that
    won't crack, peel or discolor. The card is tamper proof and will withstand water, dirt, grease, oil,
    wear & tear and even acid.